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Task List

العب على الإنترنت مع أصدقائك
Status Developing
  • User Flow
  • Ui Design
  • Character Design
  • Ux Design
  • Quiz Game Design
  • Hop Game Design
  • XO Game Design
  • Dots and Boxes Game Design
  • BattleShip Game Design
  • Backgammon Game Design
  • Chess Game Design
  • Reversi Game Design
  • Quiz Game Development
  • Hop Game Development
  • XO Game Development
  • Dots and Boxes Game Development
  • BattleShip Game Development
  • Chess Game Development
  • Backgammon Game Development
  • Reversi Game Development
  • Website Development
  • Back-End Development
  • Android Development
  • IOS Development
  • Windows Development
  • MacOS Development
  • Chat Service Development
  • Market Service Design
  • Market Service Development
  • Quiz Game Bot
  • Hop Game Bot
  • XO Game Bot
  • Dots and Boxes Game Bot
  • BattleShip Game Bot
  • Backgammon Game Bot
  • Chess Game Bot
  • Reversi Game Bot


list of the changes in look and appearance of the games was sent.
Initialized project using React js, Webpack, etc.
Created core components based on the design so we can use them reactively!
Ran into a bug where the screen turns white and blank and as it turned out after 3 hours, it was because of a minor line in webpack config
Bug resolved, Moving On ...
Login flow in Api differed from the one that was designed, so I had to code the new flow while keeping an eye for design so it matches
Implemented login and register apis
Lucky Box in homepage connected to the Api
Coded shop and profile pages and connected to the api so user can edit his info and buy coins
Commented out the "Play With Your Friend" button for now.
Everything works. Now it's time to re-code the wallet part because of the change in flow.
Okay. 3 hours later and still stuck on the socket part. for some reason the SocketIO doesn't connect to the backend and returns "server error"
Finally api and everything is working just fine. It's time for socket baby!
Aghhh! Found it. Needed to use an earlier version of SocketIO because the back-end hasn't been updated in a while! Wish someone would have had told me that!
Socket connected and user is now able to create a new game and play it!
Okay re-launching the rocket!
It's time for launching the rocket! 🚀😍
Rocket crashed.
Finally! The stupid webpack config again
Rocket arrived at moon successfully!
login flow of the project was updated.
oh my gosh! I wrote a class that gets directions of each player's chess piece, and then you can say for example what happens to me if I go to the x = 5 and y = 7 direction? it can process the game and say if you go here, your rival can hit you with their soldier or castle piece!!!!!
for game animations in phaser, I used tweens animations for the opacity of gameObject, the direction of the gameObject, and... and because of it, we have a smooth and beautiful animation in the game
chess bot has developed after I wrote more than 5K code lines for that
box of chance was refactor with new logic
for processing the chess game, I used a trigonometric circle and convert every direction on the chess board to an (x, y) number, now I can detect every chess pieces and the direction that can move
every game has a trigonometric circle that contains (x,y) directions, for the processing of the game
backgammon game set completed Image
othello game set completed Image
404,401,403,500 error Image
battleship assets design completed waiting for confirmation Image
ui design is completed waiting for final check
game chambers designs completed Image
chatroom part is completed waiting for confirmation Image
the game with my friend needs to be stopped in order to update the substruction
the part about chating in website needs to be temporary stoped in order to analyse the lobby.
the changes of the website design applied for extensibility.
Ai logic of backgammon has problems and needs to be solved.
game play structures of backgammon has problem and i have sent the changes.
battle ship game in place of the sinking ship has problems and needs to be solved , illustrations was sent.
sound effects of the dot line game has been updated
wallet and referral code Image
blogs is completed waiting for confirmation Image
registration part is done Image
flow design has been updated with latest touches
registration part is done Image
design of UX structures has been corrected
UX design flow of wallet had problem and has been corrected.
main structure of the site design waiting for confirmation Image
all charachters completed Image
primary design of the charecter was confirmed and was sent for polish.
third charachter completed Image
rockstar charachter finished Image
secound charachter completed Image
secound charachter faces completed waiting for confirmation Image
first charachter coloring completed Image
first charachter coloring completed
basic charachter design completed waiting for confirmation Image
flow design was done. Image


Project Image Project Image Project Image Project Image Project Image Project Image Project Image Project Image Project Image Project Image Project Image Project Image


In the past few years, there have been different definitions of what a social network game is. However, Jeremy Lium a Silicon Valley venture capitalist, stated in 2009 that social networking games are a tactic, not a category. This states that the social networking game has a special plase that can be used in any other game and it’s a design paradigm that can be applied to any game. With this mindset, we can consider a single definition for social network game: it is a digital online game that uses social network to provice and enhanced experience, allowing players to communicate within the platform. 

Developed by Karo Studio, WinnerBazi is a social network game. This project divides game development and user management into two parts: as a result of greater ease and greater quality, WinnerBazi's games are developed using the Phaser framework, whereas its web application is developed using React, iOS application is developed using Swift language and Android application is written in Kotlin. Socket is used by our team to create a real-time chat and gaming experience between users and the server to make communication faster and more efficient. It is possible to add new games to WinnerBazi without having to update the application due to the way the app is developed. it is worth noting that all WinnerBazi games are placed on an SDK so that other game developers can develop and publish games with the standards of this platform.

Five gamification models are used for game markets so that each game generates its own income. Existing sections such as the internal wallet and market section for selling coins and characters have been created to achieve this income method. WinnerBazi provides a tournament holding service that matches casino standards in its structure. Each game can have a tournament and there is a tournament banner that shows statistics and specifications.

During the early days of the game, we were concerned that there may not be enough players, so we developed special bots with artificial intelligence for each game. All bots contribute to the game's gameplay style and reaction according to its gameplay process. In its heart, WinnerBazi is a part for chat and dialogue between users, which provides the possibility of creating group chat and direct messaging to other users. In order to create a more realistic user experience, we have enabled chatbots with users using artificial intelligence and the in-game bots will react and respond differently according to the words that users write in the chat.


ایمان انصاری‌فر پروداکت دیزاینر
محمد یگانه الرئيس التنفيذي للتكنولوجيا
کیمیا نوروزی المصور
آرتا موسی‌پور Front-End Developer
علیرضا کارگر Game Developer