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LIFE is too SHORT for NON-WOW projects !

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UI/UX Design

We use all modern design solutions to make the most effective design according to your project needs.

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Front-end developement

No matter what stack you want, we'll do it for you. From Vanilla HTML, CSS and JS to modern frameworks like React, Vue, etc. Just name it.

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Motion design

Giving life to an idea makes it easier to understand and could create some bonding with your audience and customers.

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3D / Illustration

A third dimension could make something seem like it's got a soul and we believe illustrations along 3ds can make that happen.

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Back-end developement

Back-End is the beating heart and the core of a project, thus we put our highest priority on the quality and security of the Back-End of our projects.

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Photography is the art of capturing what the naked eye can't see, and we at karo, excell at doing that. Whether you have a product that needs commercial shooting or a model wearing your new line of fashion, just drop us a line and we promise to amaze you with what e can do.

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Sometimes our clients want to go beyond limits and create their own short film for their promotions, this also is a specialty of ours and you can leave your filmmaking projects to us.

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No matter how good your product is, it is not worth anything unless people use it nad you make money out of it. That is where karo marketing power can boost your sales and create a champaign that will sky rocket your income.

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Social Marketing

The age of city bollboards and flyers are way behind us, In today's world of business and competition you need a high impact social media to engage with your customers. With Karo's broad range of connections and influencers plus the background we have in content creation, you can sit back and enjoy your growth in the social media.

we’re more than an agency of record, we’re an agency of progress

As your partner we do a lot, but what's more important is how we help you move forward. Whether it’s to better align on your business challenge, understand the people you need to reach, or define the best process to get there, we do it together as one single, cohesive team.

Our flexible three-stage framework is designed to help craft the brightest digital experiences


We take the time to understand the context so decisions can be made from a place of evidence rather than assumption.


We bring together the right specialists at the right moments to suit the unique challenges of your project.


Our teams work closely together to ensure your digital assets continue to evolve and deliver a return on your investment.

Contributors Gallery
Erfan Alaei
Erfan Alaei Videographer
Saeed Hosseini
Saeed Hosseini Backend Developer
Amir Hossein Mohammadpour
Amir Hossein Mohammadpour Back-END Developer
Navid Rezazadeh
Navid Rezazadeh Android Developer
Amirhossein Norouz zadeh
Amirhossein Norouz zadeh 3D Designer
Zeynab Yari
Zeynab Yari Backend developer
Arta Mousapour
Arta Mousapour Front-End Developer
Hanie Jalili
Hanie Jalili Ui Designer
Ali Javadi
Ali Javadi Backend developer
Arman Mohammadtash
Arman Mohammadtash Head of Security
Fatemeh Esfahani
Fatemeh Esfahani Frontend Developer
Amin Rahimzadeh
Amin Rahimzadeh Flutter Developer
Saba Kananian
Saba Kananian Flutter Developer
Alireza Sinaei
Alireza Sinaei UI Designer
Mohammad Yeganeh
Mohammad Yeganeh Chief Technology Officer
Hamed Momeni
Hamed Momeni Senior Backend Developer
Saeed Rabei
Saeed Rabei Copywriter
Mohammadreza Saremi
Mohammadreza Saremi Motion Designer
Babak Hosseini lagha
Babak Hosseini lagha iOS Developer
Mohammad Ranaei
Mohammad Ranaei Front-End Developer
Mehrdad Jafarzadeh
Mehrdad Jafarzadeh iOS Developer
Bardia Razi
Bardia Razi Frontend Developer
Ali Ebad
Ali Ebad Graphic Designer
Iman Ansarifar
Iman Ansarifar Product Designer
Erfan Sahebi
Erfan Sahebi Backend developer
Milad khatshab
Milad khatshab Backend developer
Hossein Sabramiz
Hossein Sabramiz Frontend Developer
Mahsa Nasari
Mahsa Nasari Front-End Developer
Iman Azizi
Iman Azizi DevOps
Diako Jafari
Diako Jafari iOS Developer
Arman Nasiri
Arman Nasiri Flutter Developer
Maryam Sajadi
Maryam Sajadi Graphic Designer
Navid Yari
Navid Yari illustration designer
Abolfazl Irani
Abolfazl Irani Flutter Developer
Kimia Norouzi
Kimia Norouzi Illustrator
Alireza Kargar
Alireza Kargar Back-END Developer
Naeim Safaei
Naeim Safaei Backend developer