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Task List

File hosting service provider
Status Developing
  • User Flow
  • Ui Design Landing Page
  • Ui Design Admin Panel
  • Ui Design User Panel
  • Ui Design Application
  • Database architecture design
  • Developing REST Apis
  • Engineering Back-End Architecture
  • Developing Base Design Components
  • Coding Project Pages
  • Developing Landing Pages
  • Developing Blog Front-End
  • Developing Blog Back-End
  • Developing User Panel
  • Developing Dedicated Admin Panel
  • Connecting Different Parts Of Front-End To Api
  • Implementing Payment Services
  • Android Application Devleopment
  • iOS Application Development
  • Website and Application Copy Writing
  • Implementing Socket Connections For Realtime Interactivity
  • File Management Service Development
  • Design Usability Testing
  • Launching Production Version


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iCloudBox is a cloud-based platform that allows you to share files with groups of people or even teams. There is no limit for sharing files, so you can share all of your files with anyone. If you have a team that you'd like to share files with, there's no need for you all to have individual accounts. iCloudBox makes it easy for you to share all of your files with others. The platform facilitates safe and secure file sharing between members of a team or group, as well as improving employee coordination and communication

Our API was developed using REST architecture to establish an optimal connection between the service and server for saving, storing and receiving information as quickly as possible. iCloudBox differs from other cloud storage solutions because it has a built-in admin panel allowing users to upload and manage groups

Our front-end is built using VueJS, while our back-end is built using Laravel language, which provides APIs as well as communication between the two. Android and iOS versions of iCloudBox are written in Flutter. Socket is used by our team to create a real-time c experience between users and the server to make communication faster and more efficient.

We tested the design usability of iCloudBox and determined if the structure was problematic, and then we developed a system to manage files on this platform efficiently.


Mohammad Yeganeh Chief Technology Officer
Iman Ansarifar Product Designer
Alireza Sinaei UI Designer
Hanie Jalili Ui Designer
Mohammad Ranaei Front-End Developer
Saeed Hosseini Backend Developer
Arman Nasiri Flutter Developer
Hossein Sabramiz Frontend Developer
Ali Javadi Backend developer