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Task List

An admin panel developed UI kit
Status Developing
  • User Flow
  • Ui Design
  • Design System Architecture
  • Developing Base Design Components
  • Developing Laravel
  • Developing VueJS
  • Developing React
  • Developing RTL
  • Developing HTML


designing all different kind of charts Image
Different dashboards for different businesses Image
Start designing pages Image
Define typography Image
specify spacing Image
Specify grids waiting for confirmation Image
Two different register styles Image
Finding all the different dashboards possible Image
starting on registration Design
different dashboard style design is completed waiting for confirmation Image
starting on dashboard details
default dashboard completed waiting for comments Image
light color palette waiting for confirmation Image


Project Image Project Image Project Image Project Image Project Image Project Image Project Image


Developing admin and management panels has always been a challenging part of developing a service for developers. Usually there's no good designer designing the panel and developers run into problems while developing the design. For example there's a dropdown needed somewhere and the designer hasn't provided one in his designs and this would cause an inconsistency in the project's design.

Klot is developed for this matter. A complete design system with most used elements, designed and developed to ease this process. Developer won't anymore need to hire a designer to design the admin panel or even put the time into coding it. He can use Klot to create the admin panel based on the project's needs and the only time he'll spend, is the time connecting front-end to the back-end using APIs or template engines.


Kimia Norouzi Illustrator
Arta Mousapour Front-End Developer
Iman Ansarifar Product Designer
Mohammad Yeganeh Chief Technology Officer