We are thrilled to introduce Pocket, a powerful personal accounting system developed by Karo Studio. Pocket is a mobile application designed to empower users in managing their personal finances effectively. With Pocket, users can take control of their financial transactions, track expenses, and maintain a clear overview of their financial health, all in one convenient place. We proudly present Pocket as part of our website portfolio.


Service Features:

Multiple Bank Account Integration and Reports: 

Pocket allows users to connect and manage multiple bank accounts within the application. Users can import transaction data and generate detailed input and output reports, providing valuable insights into their financial activities across different accounts.


Cost Allocation and Budgeting: 

With Pocket, users can divide their expenses into categories and allocate specific budgets for each category. This feature enables users to track their spending habits, set financial goals, and maintain control over their budget.


Personal Financial Reporting: 

Pocket offers robust reporting capabilities, allowing users to generate reports on their personal financial input and output. These reports provide a clear overview of income, expenses, savings, and investments, facilitating informed financial decision-making.


Wallet Management: 

Pocket enables users to create and manage multiple wallets, providing a convenient way to separate funds and track different financial aspects of their lives. Whether it's for personal savings, travel expenses, or specific financial goals, users can easily manage and monitor their wallets within the application.


Pocket, developed by Karo Studio, is a comprehensive personal accounting system that puts financial control in the hands of the user. With features such as multiple bank account integration and reports, cost allocation and budgeting, personal financial reporting, and wallet management, Pocket offers a user-friendly and efficient solution for managing personal finances.

We are excited to showcase Pocket in our website portfolio, highlighting our commitment to delivering innovative solutions that empower individuals to take control of their financial well-being.

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