Karo Studio's Task Management Application! Taskam is a powerful online service developed by Karo Studio to help individuals and teams efficiently manage and plan their daily tasks. With Taskam, you can easily categorize tasks, create boards, and collaborate with your team to ensure smooth and organized workflow.

Key Features of Taskam:

Task Categorization: 

Taskam allows you to categorize your tasks based on different criteria such as priority, due dates, or project-specific labels. This feature helps you stay organized and enables efficient task management.


Board Creation: Taskam enables you to create boards to visualize and track the progress of your tasks. Boards can represent different projects, departments, or stages of a workflow. You can customize boards according to your specific needs and easily move tasks between different columns.

Team Collaboration: 

Taskam facilitates seamless team collaboration by providing shared boards. You can invite team members to join specific boards, assign tasks to individuals, and track the progress of each task. This promotes effective communication and ensures that everyone is on the same page.


Task Planning and Scheduling: 

Taskam allows you to set due dates, add descriptions, attach files, and set reminders for each task. This helps you plan your work effectively and ensures that deadlines are met. You can also receive notifications to stay updated on task progress.

Accessibility and Mobility: 

Taskam is designed to be accessible from any device with an internet connection. Whether you're working from your desktop, laptop, or mobile device, you can easily access and manage your tasks on the go.

Taskam is designed to streamline task management and enhance productivity for individuals and teams. By providing a user-friendly interface and robust collaboration features, Taskam empowers users to stay organized, track progress, and achieve their goals efficiently.

Experience the convenience and effectiveness of Taskam for managing your daily tasks. Visit our website portfolio to learn more about Taskam and how it can transform the way you plan and collaborate with your team.

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