Introducing Alborzatra, the innovative speech therapy center platform developed by KARO Studio:

Alborzatra is a comprehensive online training system that revolutionizes the field of speech therapy. Our platform is equipped with a range of facilities and features designed to enhance the user's learning experience and ensure effective treatment.

Key Facilities and Features:

Progressive Online Training:

Our platform employs an interactive learning approach, where users must pass online tests to unlock new stages. This progressive system ensures a structured and personalized training experience tailored to individual needs.

Online Exam System: Alborzatra incorporates an online exam system to assess the user's progress and track improvements over time. This allows for accurate evaluation and customized therapy plans.

Voice Analysis for Stuttering Detection:

Alborzatra utilizes cutting-edge technology to receive the user's voice and analyze it for the detection of stuttering levels. This feature enables precise evaluation and monitoring of speech patterns.


Podcast and Audio Playback:

Enhance your learning journey with the ability to access and play podcasts and audio files directly on the platform. Immerse yourself in a variety of speech-related content to support and supplement your therapy sessions.

Speech Therapy Journal:

Alborzatra provides a dedicated speech therapy journal, allowing users to document their progress, reflect on their journey, and collaborate with therapists for ongoing guidance and support.


Video Magazine:

Stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in speech therapy through our video magazine. Access informative videos featuring expert insights, techniques, and success stories to further enrich your knowledge and motivation.

Join Alborzatra today and experience the transformative power of our platform, combining innovative technology with evidence-based therapy for effective speech rehabilitation and personal growth.

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