Karo Studio's Contest Website! Rooyesh No is an innovative online platform developed by Karo Studio that facilitates writing competitions, allowing users to submit their arts and articles for evaluation. Through a unique voting system, users can participate in selecting the best entries in each field, which are then reviewed by judges to determine the final winners.


Key Features of Rooyesh No:

Writing Competition Platform:

 Rooyesh No serves as a dedicated platform for hosting writing competitions. It provides a structured and organized environment for participants to showcase their creative works and engage with a community of fellow writers.


User Submissions: 

Users can easily submit their arts and articles through the Rooyesh No platform. This streamlined submission process allows for efficient and hassle-free participation in the competitions.


Community Voting:

 Rooyesh No incorporates a community voting system, where users have the opportunity to vote for their favorite entries in each field. This democratic approach encourages active participation and engagement from the community.


Judge Evaluation: 

The top results selected through community voting are then passed on to a panel of judges. These judges, with their expertise and knowledge, review the entries and determine the final winners based on predetermined criteria.

Rooyesh No aims to foster a vibrant writing community and provide a platform for aspiring writers to showcase their talent, receive recognition, and gain exposure. It promotes fair competition and celebrates creativity in various fields.

At Karo Studio, we are dedicated to creating online platforms that empower individuals and communities. Rooyesh No exemplifies our commitment to supporting creative endeavors and providing an inclusive space for artists and writers to thrive.

Explore our website portfolio to learn more about Rooyesh No and discover how it can revolutionize writing competitions by combining community engagement and expert evaluation. Join us on the Rooyesh No platform to unleash your creativity and connect with a passionate community of writers.

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