We are excited to introduce Stiffangpay, a comprehensive website management admin panel developed by Karo Studio. Stiffangpay is designed to simplify the management of financial applications and transactions, offering a range of features to enhance control and efficiency. It is with great pride that we present Stiffangpay as part of our website portfolio.


Service Features:

Application Management and Review: 

Stiffangpay provides a robust system for managing and reviewing applications. Administrators can easily handle incoming applications, review them thoroughly, and make informed decisions based on predefined criteria. This feature ensures a smooth and efficient application process.


Two Loan Application Models: 

Stiffangpay offers two distinct loan application models based on goods and money. This flexibility allows users to apply for loans based on their specific needs, providing a tailored approach to lending.


Installment and Payment Management: 

The admin panel includes powerful tools for managing installments and the payment process. Administrators can efficiently handle and track installment payments, ensuring timely collections and seamless transactions.


Automatic Creation of Installments and Interest: 

Stiffangpay simplifies the process of creating installments and calculating interest. With predefined models, the system automatically generates installment plans and calculates interest based on the specified parameters, saving time and effort for administrators.


Penalty Models for Late Payments:

 The admin panel allows for the insertion of penalty models for late payments. Administrators can define penalty rules based on the amount of late payment, ensuring compliance and addressing any potential delays in the payment process.

Stiffangpay, developed by Karo Studio, is a robust solution designed to streamline financial application management and payment processes. With its application management and review capabilities, two loan application models, installment and payment management tools, automatic creation of installments and interest, and the ability to insert penalty models, Stiffangpay offers a comprehensive platform for efficient financial administration.

We are thrilled to showcase Stiffangpay in our website portfolio, demonstrating our commitment to delivering innovative solutions that simplify financial processes and empower businesses.


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